Accredited Installers
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Expected Profits

Profit margins between 15 – 40% dependant on how the installer manages their own business. 

What do you get when you become an accredited installer?

  • A Franchisee becomes part of a national, FASA-accredited franchise system
  • Agrément registration
  • Dedicated, ongoing franchisee support
  • Access to a proven and highly acclaimed construction methodology
  • Initial and ongoing training
  • Estimating and costing assistance
  • Regular visits from the Franchisor to the Franchisee’s and Installer’s sites
  • Various income stream opportunities
    • perimeter walling
    • pools
    • renovations & alterations
    • formal construction
  • High quality products, service and building solutions
  • Standard building contract to use in your business
  • Exclusive protected territory

Being an Accredited Installer means you get:


KwikFrame Marketing Material & Support

  • Construction & Installation Manual
  • 100 Personalised sales brochures & 500 business cards
  • Access to professional and continuous technical support
  • On and off line sales material
  • Basic costing program, quotation forms and other business documentation
  • Sales videos for electronic media distribution
  • On-site training program 2-3 days from Franchisee
  • Letter of Accredited appointment and Certificate from KwikFrame
  • On-going sales marketing campaigns through Social media and other media campaign

Access to the KwikFrame Range of Products

  • Wall panels, pillars and lapping strips
  • Lightweight steel roof trusses
  • Window frames with sill.
  • Door frames with sills
  • Mortar sprayers
  • Wire ties
  • Hog rings
  • Hog ring pliers
  • Shuttering formwork
  • Hook on clips and brackets
  • Continuous improved installation products and machinery
  • Research & development and benefit from it at no cost to you
  • Continuous updates on the latest products, materials & construction methodology

Access to a Complete Project Management Programme – KWIKGRID

This programme is custom-built for KwikFrame – An annual or monthly subscription fee will be applicable

  • Material and quantities planning programme
  • Complete project management programme – graphs, timelines, critical paths, milestones, etc
  • Material order programme
  • Building cost programme
  • Quotation programme
  • Schedule of works programme
  • Tools and equipment required
  • Site management programme
  • Live – Progress on site
  • Photo and video uploads on site
  • Schedule of work in progress
  • Schedule of completed projects
  • Sign-off letters and LOR’s
  • Access to other service providers in the KwikGrid ethos

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Tools Of The Trade

Pneumatic plier
Pneumatic plier
Hogring Pliers
Hogring Pliers
Mortar Sprayer
Hogring Plier With Magazine
Hogring Plier With Magazine
Hogring Pliers
Hogring Pliers
Angle Lapping Strip
Angle Lapping Strip
Standard Wire Panel
Standard Wire Panel